The OAO RIAT gathered, under one roof, highly qualified professionals in the fields of design, production engineering, and sales. Throughout its existence, the company mastered the production of a large number of models of special-purpose machinery on KAMAZ chassis meeting the highest consumers’ demands. In cooperation with KAMAZ and the companies making special superstructures, and as an independent manufacturer, we offer our customers both stock and special KAMAZ vehicles, including container trucks, telescopic boom excavators, vacuum loaders, KAMAZ trucks with Cummins engines, vehicles with hydraulic manipulators, crew change buses, vehicles for oil-producing, construction, forestry, municipal, and road machinery. In addition, the company provides construction services (repairs and reconstruction, construction of buildings) and is involved in creating new varieties of plastic products for the construction sector.

The company is a member of the Kama Innovation Regional Production Cluster InnoKam.


  • 4 Pushkin St., Naberezhnye Chelny 423823, Tatarstan, Russia
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